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Medical Beds

These are new products designed specifically for medical relief settings.  They will be provided on pallets in original cartons. The bed features a 30-degree Head of Bed angle to accommodate patients in respiratory distress, including vented patients. It also features low height, a 6 ” thick mattress, and an attached IV pole.

Designed to meet the healthcare industry’s urgent and growing need for patient platforms during the current COVID-19 pandemic, this limited-release International Medical Relief Bed helps health care providers and caregivers move and position patients efficiently.

This steel frame International Medical Relief Bed is available for immediate shipment to quickly serve those on the front lines ranging from triage centers, mobile clinics, pop-up areas of care, and all in-patient general hospital departments & clinics.

Hospital Bed 1.jpg

100 beds (new in box)

100 new mattresses

1 40” container

Please help us ship 100 beds to Gulu to be used at Gulu Regional Referral Hospital and feeder clinics. 

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