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Container and shipment of 100 palletized beds & mattresses from Kansas City through Mombasa, Kenya to port of entry, Kampala Uganda, hands on clearance through customs and an escort for the 200 mile journey  (approximately one day) to the final-destination of the container to a secure location in Gulu, Uganda

Included - PPE and other medical necessities as defined by healthcare professionals on the ground in Gulu that will fit in the remaining space available in the approximately 40’ X 8’ X 8’ intermodal container and obtained by ship date

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Operation Gulu

Born in Kenya, Wasim has lived in Kansas City for 30 years  and travels to East Africa regularly.  He is a leader in Kansas City’s African diaspora.  He lives in Lenexa, KS with his wife Andrea and children.

Wasim has a heart for elevating communities in Sub-Saharan Africa with a special focus on the Lake Victoria Region of East Africa.  His family and friends still live in the region, including in the Republic of Uganda. 

Past initiatives in the region have been centered on food security, water, and solar power.  All of his initiatives are organized as culturally relevant, local, and sustainable solutions.


Wasim’s effectiveness is augmented by his familiarity with local culture and fluency in 7 languages.  He is the founder of Africa-centered Moja World Hope, among other initiatives.


A former Kansas city-based surgeon, Dr. Katie currently lives in Gulu and periodically returns to Kansas City.


A little more than fifteen years ago, she sold her surgical practice and moved from Olathe, KS, to Gulu, Uganda.  Her ongoing medical mission focuses on healing bodies and spirits in war-torn Uganda and South Sudan, along with Darfur. 


She continues to pass along her knowledge of healing bodies by teaching through the University of Gulu School of Medicine at the local Uganda Ministry of Health Regional Referral Hospital.  The school graduated its first class of physicians about ten years ago.

Until recently, Wasim and Dr. Katie had never met.  They learned they share friends and a passion for Gulu in common.  This initiative combines their ecosystems to deliver much-needed medical beds and PPE to Gulu clinics and the Regional Referral Hospital where Dr. Katie teaches for the benefit of the people of Gulu they have both long sought to serve. 

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