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About Us

Our Mission

Our U.S.-based Moja World team is comprised of people from communities in Africa who have strong local networks.

With our Moja World  partners in Africa, we help people meet their basic needs, such as water, food, energy, healthcare, education, and job training. 

Our ecosystem gives us the sensitivity to understand the cultural and political context of each locale. 

Together, we create scaled solutions designed for sustainability given environmental resources and constraints.


First survival, and then lasting change to uplift humanity. 


One small step at a time.  Moja World Hope. 


Where We Work

Past Moja World projects in energy, water, and agriculture originated at the invitation of local people and people groups, including churches, businesses, government representatives, and NGOs.

Proposals we receive typically seek to improve the lives of people in the communities we interact with by meeting unmet basic necessities. 

We undertake small projects with big impacts on the lives of people, complementing local resources and capabilities on hand with additional required support. 

The map indicates countries where past, current, and future projects have been conducted and/or proposed. 

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Who We Are

Andrea Smith.JPG

Andrea Smith: Board Member

Andrea Smith brings over 30 years of working with Africa. She has an extensive background in working cross-culturally, building communities and in customizing culturally relevant solutions.


Wasim Kahn: Board Member

Wasim brings over 30 years of working cross-culturally developing solutions based projects with communities across Africa and around the world.


Miriam Smith: Board Member

Miriam brings an extensive background in law, in education and in building sustainability in culturally based non-Profit organizations.


Eric Heitmann: Board Member

Eric brings vast experience in business & manufacturing all with a global perspective. He builds businesses from the ground up for maximum success.

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