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Moja World Hope

A Registered 501(c)(3) Charitable Organization

(DLN: 26053740004571)

Our story in brief

Moja is the Swahili word for one.  Swahili is spoken in more than a dozen African countries, and it is the African language most taught abroad.


Moja World Hope translates to One World Hope.


Many nations.  Disparate people groups.  One humanity.  Moja World Hope. 

This “global” initiative is a story of serendipity intersecting local and global crossroads that could have originated anywhere. This idea came together several months ago when Kansas City area friends realized they had inspirations and friends in common locally and in Gulu, Uganda, shortly before the emergence of the Delta variant.  It turns out they have been crossing paths here and there for the past two decades.  Although their specific areas of focus are slightly different, their ability and desire to help each other to serve the people of Gulu is obvious.  And, here we are combining forces for this endeavor.

Our current mission

We are partnering with U.S. people and organizations, U.S. citizens based in Gulu, and Uganda-based people and affiliated organizations to ship a container of 100 badly needed emergency relief medical beds and PPE to Gulu, Uganda.

Planning and logistics are already in place

Planning and logistic pulled together between the emergence of the Delta variant and the Omicron variant. 

The container will depart from Kansas City, be shipped to Mombasa, and trucked from Kampala to Gulu.  Last-mile distribution from a secure warehouse in Gulu to the Regional Referral Hospital and affiliated clinics will be coordinated by a former Olathe, KS, surgeon who has been teaching at the Gulu University School of Medicine the past 15 years.    

Our donation target is $50,000

Please consider supporting our outrageous goal. 

Your $10 donation will add up.  Many hands make light work. 

Our pledge to you

In the interest of transparency, we will provide end-to-end validation of each bed placement. 

Thank you!

The people of Gulu continue to reach for hope despite a tumultuous recent past.  Personnel from these Gulu healthcare facilities also perform outreach to the unreached people of South Sudan and Darfur who have faced similar challenges. 


A modest endeavor such as this can have a dramatic impact on the lives of those impacted.  There is more to do but this is a good start. 


Happy Holidays and Happy New Year from Moja World Hope.

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